Hello everyone! This is another new blog article that I’ve written in ages! The last blog that I’ve written was on 6th June, and just in case people are wondering what had happened from then till now, I was pretty busy with real estate work and had less time on writing.

I do not have any objective for this blog post and am just going to type whatever comes to mind. If you’re more interested in the serious material that I usually write, this is not for you.

Going back on topic, I’m still largely a one-man show for all…

When looking for a landed property to purchase, the following are factors in which most homeowners will be looking into, which your agent should be able to provide information on.

1) Location

2) Number of floors

3) Bedrooms

4) Facing

5) Traffic conditions

6) Nearby amenities

7) Pricing (Build-Up and land)

8) Legal Requisitions

These are the factors that are most obvious to the buyer. In my opinion, experts will still be needed to be involved.

Some of the usual feedback from my builders is how homeowners will proceed with placing an option fee before consultation from builders/architects. This is…

Why do Singaporeans Love Purchasing Real Estate?

Why Do Singaporeans Love Purchasing Real Estate?


Being a Real Estate agent, I need to understand the motivations for why people purchase real estate.

As a Singaporean myself, this is a question that has gone without any strong debate. It seems unusually quaint to focus on real estate as a vehicle of investment when we are presently in an era where billions can be made by having a strong following. Some dub this as the age of social media, and it’s amazing how so much money can be made with just a computer.

To some, real estate investing is an…

Here is What a Year of Writing Property Articles Feel Like


Once every blue moon, I do like to write on articles that might not pertain exactly to real estate matters. This is one such article!

I first started writing my property articles almost a year back in March 2020. Sure, I was writing way before then and looking back, I consider those pieces to be really bad. This is because those articles are just reiterated information from government agency websites, and there was no reason for me to rehash the same material.

That’s when I decided to go back to the drawing board to figure out what people like. Drawing…

Large land plots like this that is found in Hillside Drive is highly coveted amongst property developers, homeowners and private investors. There is huge potential in regards to potential future buildup and this makes for a good investment opportunity for building apartments (More on that later).

For homeowners, 48 Hillside Drive is away from more popular landed estates such as Serangoon Gardens Estate and Braddell Heights Estate. This helps to keep 48 Hillside Drive away from prying eyes and might be a better choice when privacy is a big concern.

Rebuilding an older property takes up a significant cost and…

Review: Opera Estate Landed Properties

My previous article on “Which Landed Estate Have the Highest Price Appreciation?”, gave a good approximation of the prices on some of Singapore’s most popular landed estate. It provides a good approximation for new home buyers who need a rough idea of how that particular segment is performing.

However, the article tends to glide over other details such as neighbouring amenities, current asking prices, and traffic information. These are important information which, unless you are already staying within the estate, you will not be aware of.

This review seeks to address this issue. Depending on when you are reading this…


“I’m interested to offer at the seller’s asking price of $3.5 million for this landed property.”

These are magical words that every real estate salesperson will be longing to hear. A straightforward deal with little sway from the seller’s position. The purchase decision for a real estate buyer is a convoluted process, in which some may also unknowingly skip some steps!

How we sell and buy landed properties are outdated to an extent and I feel that it can be improved. …

I’m back with another case study on how much redeveloping landed properties will cost! In this case study, we will be analyzing a land plot at the Holland Rise GCB site that is going for sale at $68 million.

The size of the land plot located within the Holland Rise Good Class Bungalow (GCB) area is ludicrous, as it is approximately around 52,992 sqft! However, this makes for an entertaining case study for our readers!

With only approximately 2,700 GCBs located in 39 gazetted GCB areas, this prime piece of real estate is owned by some of the wealthiest people…

Are New Launch Properties Too Small?

Speak to any buyers looking for a resale property and it will be clear why new launch properties will not be what they are looking for.

These new launches are too small! However, can this be a case of us as real estate consumers unknowingly demanding it? Let me explain.

An overwhelming majority of new launches are being sold on the premise of quick capital appreciation. While this is not inherently bad, but what happens when most property purchases within a new launch development are being bought by investors, waiting for a quick flip within 3–5 years?

We get an…

Joshua Loo

Joshua is a real estate agent in Singapore and he enjoys writing articles in regards to real estate and construction at Estatemagnates.com

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